Staunton Street

As in Staunton Street Soho Central Hong Kong. A Street full of life among the living but also home for at least one festival for the Ghosts.

Restaurants with food from all over the world mixed with fast food as well as wine house’s and bars, Staunton Street lives up at night and shimmers long into the starts of the next day.

Once there was a home for rattan chair makers and the Staunton market, but time changes as we also tends to do. So what can we say but Yoho don’t glues our souls in the un formable but let us be uniform in the soul ocean of a meaning before the point.

士丹頓街 = Staunton Street

卅間 Sam Sap Kan or Staunton Street  or 士丹頓街 in soho central one of the streets that contours the face of a hill together with Shelley Street, Graham Street, Peel Street, Elgin Street and Aberdeen Street



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